In which you save the world

Get the Team Together
Getting the Band Together

July 12, 2013

Our adventurers each receive a letter with the same words on a piece of parchement.

The Docks, 7
The Grenadier

Asked the underworld contacts, discovered The Grenadier is an explorer who only docks to gather supplies then goes back out into the world to explore.

Went straight to the docks.

questioned messenger, went to speak with postmaster. Went into the post office, met kind old lady. She helped him, he waited for post master (ely walterson). No one knew the grenadier.

questioned messenger, questioned town about Grenadier discovered he is a ship captain, went to inn to drink.

checked out women, straight to the docks.

When they arrive to the docks, The San Luccian. Jesus Lopez meets them at the docks. He is exhuberant. He is royally dress with gems on his sword, fancy boots, and tri-tipped hat. He gives a four hour tour of the ship, but was okay with the others leaving.

Sneaks away from the tour, pick pockets Carmelo’s Cailyn Burrell (giggles), then puts it back later.

Catches Cameron, then puts himself in between Cameron and Giggles.

Moves down to the animal deck, checks out the animals, then sketches the griffins. When Xrull checks on worg, he finds them very interesting and then sketches a damn good sketch. Roleplaying between the two, he inquires about the worg and they discuss The Grenadier.

After the tours, he moves down to check on his worg, speaks with mariah

Challanges the crew to drinking games. He also challanges Cameron. He beats all the crewman. He challenges Mariah. They go for a long time, then finally they both pass out, Mariah passing out only moments before Rogarth.

Is able to trade his full glass for empty.

The Next morning, Jesus and the crew gather around the adepts. Mariah and Xrull accept. Cameron, Rothgard, Carmelo all wait then finally accept. They accept 5% of any loot found. Straight up. They accept. Xrull signs in blood.

Tskrang Magician – she – Scar on shoulder circle through to shoulder
Human Swordmaster – he -Light Armor – Duel Swords – No armor on burnt right arm
Elf Swordmaster – she – Light armor longsword – scar from right to left across face
Dwarf Warrior – He – Heavy armor – Battle axe – Stomach was gutted through
Windling Archer – She – Light Armor – Bow and Arrow and Dagger – Deformed wing


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